In 2015, taxpayers in Whatcom County filed 15 complaints with the Public Disclosure Commission regarding election law violations by the Whatcom County Officials who were striving to pass a .2% sales tax initiative to expand out county jail into a regional corrections facility.  These officials produced and sent the Whatcom County Jail mailer out to the public using taxpayers funds, and this upset the taxpayers.   This case is still under investigation by the PDC as Case #1122.  You can download their full 500 page report by clicking here.

Specifically we are providing hyperlinks to all the documents that are related to the Noble Cause corruption complaint our President filed under her own name, for they provide alot of evidence of misuse of resources and was appears to be a strong misuse of power.

Addendum summaries

The Image on the left provides a bried synopsis of the Addendum Evidence, and if you wish to read the documentation, please click below to download the PDF or open the documents.

PDC Complaint – Gilfilen vs Whatcom County Officials 11-30-2015

PDC-Addendum1-0417-2016 – Pages 1 – 63 includes the Yellow Flagged section called Executive Branch Authority controls, and part of the Red Flagged section call Jail Industry Insider Tactics.

PDC Addendum 2 -0417- 2016Final – Pages 64-124 is virtually all the Red Flagged section about Jail Industry Insider Tactics, and the title page to the White Flagged Section.

PDC Addendum 3-0427-2016-Final – This is pages 125 – 196 — which is all the White Flagged section which has to do with how much the taxpayers have asked for accountability, and how much the taxpayers have been ignored by the administrative process.

In summary:

  • All the complaints centered around how the mailer itself was not fair and unbiased – it was seen as a piece of commercial propaganda.
  • All were concerned that the mailer violated the taxpayers rights to know, for it was biased and unfair and did not fully disclose tax information that the taxpayers deserve to know.
  • All were concerned that the County misused taxpayers money to mail a sales piece to pass the tax to the taxpayers.
  • Five additional complaints focused especially on additional civil rights violations, violations of WCC 1.28.100 and incorporated our Restorative Community Coalitions “Request for Investigation letter” we sent to the Whatcom County Ethics Commission that outlined taxpayers concerns regarding the public process, misuse of other  taxes paid and more.
  • Then another complaint was filed on Nov. 30, 2016 by Joy Gilfilen regarding Noble Cause Corruption, and violations of the WAC 1.28.100

STATUS:  You can read all the complaints, the rebuttal by Whatcom County and the preliminary report to the commission made on Dec. 4, 2015 which was then not accepted by the PDC Commissioners based on new information delivered to the PDC about the DLR minutes and Joy Gilfilen’s complaint.  The Commissioners chose to investigate the issue deeper so the research is ongoing.

Additional information has been delivered by taxpayers to the Public Disclosure Commission, and taxpayers are awaiting the next phase of investigation.