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Why Ideas are not Reality with Jail Industry

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Why Ideas are not Reality with Jail Industry

We have a serious (and addictive) business and economic problem in Whatcom County.  It is not just in Whatcom, it is in every other community around our nation.  And the power to change it is local.  Individual counties changing their minds, and how they do business as a community is where the people have the leverage to change what has become a big competitive game to win the business contracts with the various governments.

What started out as a “school to prison” pipeline has mushroomed with the corporatization of municipal, county, state, tribal and federal governments.  When we privatized prisons, it opened the doors to a whole plethora of problems all driven by profiteering from penalizing and punishing people who “break the law”.  The bigger it gets, the more money goes through the economy of the government locally…and it becomes a false front economy.

What governments do now is hire consultants and business contractors (a high degree are national or even international companies) to provide services, and then spend money tracking the paper trail.  And then the demand for work, drives the demand for more prisoners.  It becomes a self-defeating cycle.   On an expanded scale, what we have discovered is that children enter the big pharma world as youth, they get labelled and go into programs that pre-dispose them to believing certain conditions.  From school they often get arrested at least once, enter the jail pipeline.  Here they get “diagnosed” and enter addiction, anger, mental health programs, then if they fail, then go to jail, into state and federal prison systems…and then the list expands.  As these bureaucracies expand in size, taxes go up, costs go up…and eventually we end up insourcing business into the jail economy…and then they start making flack jackets and equipment used in war.

Check out the video for a simple description of how something simple, got very complicated.  We can change this at the local level.


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