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Restorative Economics Report for Taxpayers

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Restorative Economics Report for Taxpayers

Stop punishing taxpayers report coverNew report reveals why Whatcom County needs restorative solutions, not a bigger jail and a huge sales tax debt!

Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community – 2015 Report to Taxpayers

Most people do not know that America is the #1 failure nation – failing at protecting her citizens freedoms!  In fact, we have created an industry that houses 25% of the world’s prisoners, with only 5% of the world’s population.  Why?  What can be done about that?

Download this easy to read 31 page summary  that outlines the inherent degenerative nature of the jail industry, and then provides step-by-step solutions for rebuilding the local community business economy.   It outlines a practical way we can reverse the spiral of destruction to become a safe, self-reliant community of collaborative people using restorative justice principles everywhere.

The authors show how the jail industry has fostered a contrarian economy and serves as a marketing funnel to build the prison industrial complex on the backs of taxpayers whether they are inside jail or outside in the community.  We all pay the price of denial, abuse and ignorance of this system – it has become the root of the destruction of our culture.

This booklet shows the dozens of ways that we can change the model and help restore honor, integrity and self-reliance individually, in businesses and in community.

The authors are Irene Morgan, a registered therapist and the Founder and Secretary of the Restorative Community Coalition, and Joy Gilfilen, a professional free enterprise coach and President of the Coalition.  Both have spent years studying the industry and interviewing thousands of citizens from all walks of life to understand the degenerative nature, and the regenerative potential of working on jail reform.  It is the easiest way to pivot and leverage our skills to create change in our economy.


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