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Build-Lead-InnovateRequest for Support:
To Help those ‘At Risk’
for Repetitive Failure

Why help us?  Did you know that $1500 and a good, safe environment that allows people to learn how to do life successfully is often enough to stop a person who has been arrested from continuing the depreciating spiral of behavior that eventually puts people into prison – sometimes for life?

Intercepting the failure pattern can save taxpayers $51,775 a year in taxes – the average cost in Washington State to incarcerate one person (Vera Institute – 2012).

Our volunteer Coalition has found that with many this is achievable and a great return on investment.
We recently reviewed five of our most challenging cases of clients who have been reclaimed from the punishment and incarceration cycle.  Our calculations show that these five (now recovering) people had cost taxpayers over $2.5 million dollars in incarceration costs. They had spent years recycling through the system, caught in a trap of trauma, penalties and punishment.

We realized this was a habitual reactivity trap they could not escape from without help. To break free of the cycle, they needed very specific coping and emotional support coaching, job and life retraining.

Results count. Over time and working diligently with dozens of people a year, our Coalition has developed a Personal Intercept Model and Coaching Program that works.  It guides people through the transitional process of dealing with stress, learning how to intercept and break free from old learned patterns of behavior that do not work to replace them with habits that do work.

Today we are asking our community for financial help to support our operations. Our non-profit business goal is building a RestoreALife Center to provide transitional housing, coaching and intervention programs, on-the-job training and free enterprise skills. The goal is to help at risk teens and displaced people to pull their lives out of the depreciating cycles of poverty, penalty and arrest at the earliest point possible. Prevention through interception and re-education works.

When people know better, they do better, so we help them learn how.  On our websites you can access our 2015 Milestones or our Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community Report that provides a big picture view of how we can implement jail reform in our County.

We would love to be have an opportunity to speak with your organization about what we do, why it matters, and how it all works.
And we would welcome your financial support. We have multiple projects to fund that are all based on business models of self-reliance, once they are established.