Coalition Press

Coalition Press

“Re-Entry Coalition Gets Boost From Local Eighth Graders”
WWU Students organized a panel discussion with two former inmates for breakout project…”

“Thinking Through Illogical Justice System”

“Former Inmates Share Stories of Life After Incarceration”
– “Six men and women sat, hushed, behind a table in the dimly lit Western Washington University’s Fairhaven Auditorium and faced a crowd of about 50 people. When the first of the presenters began to speak, the crowd leaned forward — hanging on to his every word.

“Lets Deal With This Prisoner Reentry Problem”
-“Again, this letter is to educate, because I am aware of how few citizens know how our prisons, court and police systems work and are growing tax burdens for all of us…”

“Saturday Event Trying to Launch a Fresh Vision”
“We all know we have challenges ahead. Who has solutions? How are we, the people of Whatcom County, going to adapt to our…”

“Re-Entry Coalition Meeting to Help Ex-Cons Repair Lives”
“ReEntry. When I first heard the word I was invited to a brainstorming meeting for Whatcom County ReEntry Coalition. The invitation was from an executive recruiter for professionals…”

“Wants Solutions, Not Jail, For Mentally Ill”
“We need a mental health court and treatment facilities. I believe the Whatcom County justice system wastes our money locking up people who are mentally ill…”

Can Society Provide Inmates Better Reentry
– “History has a way of repeating itself. We can learn a lot from it…”]

“Larger Jail Not Only Option For Law”
“As founder of the Whatcom County ReEntry Coalition my interests lead me to attend most of the Jail Planning Task Force meetings…”

“Jail Site Debate Continues”
“Should the Whatcom County jail stay in downtown or move near the airport?”]

[“Criminal Justice Issues a Topic at Three Forums”
“Irene Morgan wants to invite more people into deeper discussion about justice issues.”

“Re-Entry Coalition Gets Boost From Local Eighth Graders”
“What does it feel like to be in prison? What does it feel like when you are released?”

“Groen: Defense Surprised”
“Judge Thomas S. Zilly told Lyndenite Wayne Groen that what he did – shining a spotlight at a U.S. Customs Air and Marine Division helicopter, temporarily blinding pilots…”