This conference was well attended by a diverse group of folks who have been incarcerated and many who were friends, family or advocates for social justice.  We learned so much more about the disbiosis of our systems…how they disproportionately target people who are untrained, dealing with addicition or mental health issues, or those who are being arrested and over-incarcerated and then not served by the “correction”.  It is expensive and could have been done differently and yielded a better return on investment for the taxpayers.

Thank you to Anastacia Lunholm for moderating the event!

Speakers at the conference included Nick Lewis, Juanita Jefferson, Chene Harding, Luba Peckachiva, Irene Morgan, Joy Gilfilen, Debbie David, and Kristin Slone.

How do we reverse the mass incarceration system to rebuild our communities and restore honor to America and to our claim to be the country that believes in freedom?

Come find out how people we know have already been doing it successfully!  You will learn about restorative justice, restorative economics, LEAD – Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion, Smart Justice and much more!

Two sessions…all panels of people who have been impacted by incarceration and have been helping to pioneer Change!  You can come for free or choose to donate to our Coalition to help us cover costs and build our resources to help more people!

You Choose
Option 1 $25.00 USD Option 2 $50.00 USD