Recommended Books

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Punishment and Inequality in America – Prof. Bruce Western – explores the root causes of mass incarceration and the interlocking systems of economic and racial oppression in our communities today.

The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander – excellent

Race To Incarcerate – Marc Mauer – excellent

Restorative Justice – Jim Consedine (See Irene for copy) out of print

The Little Book of Restorative Justise – Howard Zehr – excellent

A Matter of Time – Don Kirchner

Return To Honor – Don Kirchner

Tipping Point – Malcome Gladwell

Breakfast At Sally’s – Richard LeMieux

Lucifer Effect – Philip Zimbardo

YES! Magazine – Summer edition 2011 – Beyond Prisons – entire publication

New Yorker – ‘Taken’ – 20+ pages of actual cases of people being relieved of their valuables/belongings by law enforcement officers across the US. The laws were changed to allow districts to confiscate from citizens, cash, valuables, jewelry, personal property, etc. with no recourse.

Parents in Prison –



8&list=PLUOQSTnnJJfsHM6KQmsC4c58_ftT6_3k9 – Monroe prisoner

Wealth in America –

Bad investment –

States pay for empty beds –

Profits –


Reentry AfterCare –

November ReEntry – 282 W. Astor, Colville, WA 99114 509-684-1550 http://

Johnson Co Justice Center –

XX Texas – 7 min. How they saved $2 Billion with changes to their prison system For profit prisons Alternatives to Violence Project – inside prisons –

Interviews by 3 inmates—full-
film.html Doing time – Doing Vipassana 52 min. San Quentin Gardening program – Equal Justice Initiative – Bryan Stevenson founder

Wrongly convicted –

Shakespeare –


And inmate poetry –


Prison Industry –

US Highest Pop. Rate –

Stats –

Lionheart –


Correctional Industries – slave labor

Over crowding –

Longer sentences –
governments-incentivizing-longer-prison-terms/ this is interesting – Sept 19 article

Wash St – interesting – DOC – To learn more about how DOC and other state agencies ensure accountability by publicly measuring performance, visit the Accountability and Performance website.
some-federal-inmates/ Walter Pavlo- 2/21/2013 – In 1980 there were 25,000 federal inmates and the Bureau of Prisons had an annual budget of about $330 million …. today’s inmate population of 219,000 requires a budget of $6.6 billion. Tough Federal Sentencing Guidelines have resulted in longer prison sentences with no chance of parole (early release), while at the same time there are few prisons being built. With the current federal prison system at 39% over capacity, what we are now faced with is a math problem. So with budgets tight, inmate populations growing and laws that are sending first time non-violent offenders to prison for decades, what should we do.

Federal Prison –
prisons_751430.html 9-2013



Parents in prison –


Prison telephone calls –

WA State DOC – programs 2011 –

Prison projects –

5mcl8&list=PLUOQSTnnJJfsHM6KQmsC4c58_ftT6_3k9 – Mom Honey Jo Herman

8&list=PLUOQSTnnJJfsHM6KQmsC4c58_ftT6_3k9 – Monroe prisoner

v=aFDKHFsVRnY&list=PLUOQSTnnJJfsHM6KQmsC4c58_ftT6_3k9 – Rosa Visser, yoga

v=nO20TBCU51c&list=PLUOQSTnnJJfsHM6KQmsC4c58_ftT6_3k9 – Monroe prison –

v=CDtIZZiySgA&list=PL_W1Mq2lh446C875AyHSC0gvx81FwA2I3 Drug courts

The IF Project –

Three Strikes Law – Calif. –

Debtors prison –

Sen Creigh Deeds – Virginia – Son Gus, Mental Illness, stabbed Sen, then suicide

Legal mental health drug dangers –

Excellent! The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans: Daniel Amen at TEDxOrangeCoast

Poverty and Decision Making study –