Shortlist of Reentry Challenges for People to Overcome

2015-12-19_11451. Clients and their Families:  Connecting people in our community to invaluable resources is the core work we do at the Coalition.  Our focus is to provide a safe space for people who have been arrested to come find out how they can recover and get help for themselves and their families in the aftermath.  In this section, we will be addressing the nature of arrests today, how the arrest – even if you are found not guilty – is still a sentence to a lifetime of economic, work and social impacts that ripple out sometimes for life.

2. Business People:  Our Coalition has been studying the economic impacts on the workforce, on the social issues that arise in our cities when we have large numbers of people who end up unemployable and out of work as a result of their arrest.

3)  Taxpayers and the Community Impact:  When we realized the extraordinary costs of incarceration on society and on taxpayers, we realized that our Coalition was the only non-profit in the County (and in the state at the time) that dealt directly with taxpayers as the client specifically – where our concern was helping people had gotten arrested to heal.

Today our Coalition works on all levels in our community from the streets to the top officials helping people understand the unique conditions that arise for people and their families when an arrest has happened.  And we work to get them connected to the appropriate services as called for.

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