Speakers and Presentations

Co-Authors of Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community are available for speaking to groups, companies and to testify on various kinds of alternatives to incarceration, otherwise now known as jail reform in our language.  The booklet itself outlines a strategy for any community to use to implement restorative economics for the benefit of the whole community.

irene1Irene Morgan – Founder and Secretary has worked with hundreds of inmates directly helping them navigate back into the mainstream, writing to  them inside the prisons, doing therapies with people.  Irene, a counsellor-therapist is available for public discussion and seminars on restorative justice, trauma intervention, alternatives to building a jail and instead doing jail reform for a higher return on investment for taxpayers.

Joy Gilfilen – President of the Coalition has been an entrepreneur for decades, a trainer andjoy-photo human achievement coach in the world of marketing and sales, organic foods and in functional medicine.  While Joy can speak to the impact of arrest on the family, and the ripple effects that last for life; Joy’s special orientation for speaking is to address the economic, social and workforce impact of mass incarceration on the marketplace.  Gilfilen loves to work with leadership people to help them see and understand the immense opportunity for doing things differently becuase of the current market conditions.

  • Choices and Consequences Panel – In this case we bring together people who have been incarcerated, family members, Coalition members, and community or law enforcement officers.  We do a short presentation followed by a moderated Q & A discussion.
  • Programs on Jail Reform, Restorative Justice, Restorative Economics as well as discussions about the Impact of an Arrest on the life of a person, their family and the community are also available.