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Mentoring & Courtroom Support

Advocacy for the inmate and their families:  We work with clients to help them recover from the excessive impact of incarceration on their lives, and in their family and community circle.  Today the social and economic impact of an arrest is traumatizing  to the point that people cannot easily recover on their own. People typically lose their jobs, their reputation, sometimes their home, and often they drop into poverty and social exclusion.  Especially when the person is innocent of the charges levelled against them, this is emotionally shocking and disorienting.   Services, solutions, and support for an arrestee is virtually non-existent, and with no financial support they get lost in navigating through a new world or court appointments, assessments, legal documents and expectations they have never seen before.  Their family members then need to figure out how to navigate the network of Food Banks, housing lists and DSHS .

So we have members who will attend court with them, help them fill out new paperwork, find attorneys, figure out their probation and legal issues they do not understand.  Things happen to people in the process that are administrative failures like papers not ending up where they were supposed to go so helping them figure out where it went.  They often have to figure out what happened to their drivers licenses, where they need to go to get evaluations, urinanalysis, how they get money back from the phone cards, get their cars or possessions back, and more.

Speakers and Presentations

Want to learn how the problems the inmates and families have impact your world, the world of the taxpayers, our social structures?  If you have a neighborhood group. a community club or organization that welcomes speakers, we have members who Several of our members have become excellent speakers who are skilled at translating the problems of the jail and incarceration world to the public understanding.  We can talk about inmate and family issues and how this impacts poverty and the decline of our skilled workforce.  We can discuss mass incarceration or local jail issues, the economic “privateeering” industry that works behind the scenes of the jail to prison pipeline, discuss jail reform, restorative economics, restorative justice and how we can reduce the size of our jails as we increase our qualified workforce and improve our community resilience.

Presentations available currently include:

  • Restorative Justice Education, or Restorative Circles

    From a 15 minute discussion to a workshop, or as an intervention, we can teach the principles of restorative justice. , or do a training or help people use it to correct a problem.

  • Choices and Consequences Panels

    Hear first hand from people who have been arrested and their family members how the impact of an arrest, and the failures of the mass incarceration policies of the last few decades have impacted their families.  Find out why the Coalition’s work is critical to the future of your grandchildren, and how you can help us reclaim the lives of those lost to the machinery of mass incarceration.

  • Civic Bullying & Institutional Bias

    Discover how police, courts, lawyers, politicians, even non-profit leaders are out of touch with what happens to arrested people and their families. Discover how the institutions have an extraordinary bias in their language, in the embedded presumptions of the system. Find out how the shunning, shaming and isolating of people does not work to solve the ever widening destructive impact of mass incarceration on our economy, on our workforce, on our children.

  • Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Building Community

    This is a grassroots vision of alternative ways that our community can help reverse mass incarceration.  This is a 31 page report about how to create change.  These solutions come from all over the nation, and each of them has been implemented sucessfully.  Each strengthens our local economies, helps the community restore equanimity, builds resilience in the workforce, and changes the future for our children.