After hosting the Visionary Opportunities Conference in 2011, the  Restorative Community Coalition president Joy Gilfilen, developed this transformational change diagram and called it the Appreciating Society Model.  This is a new article to share with people what is at the basis of our restorative justice philosophies and practices.

Bottomline, it shows how we can reverse the spiral of destruction on one page.  While this is a complex subject it is a simple action – a paradigm shift in thinking.  It illustrates how we can learn how to invest in people as an appreciating community asset, as different from destroying people as a depreciating community asset.

The idea with this chart is to capture on one page and illustrate the earliest point of civic and personal intervention that provides a different return on investment to the people than mass incarceration.  In this case we show how the sooner we intervene in anyone’s life using restorative justice or restorative justice philosophies  the better, for it stops the loss to the individual, to the family, the victims and in fact the whole broader community and substantially rebuilds community honor and stops the burgeoning costs of incarceration in its tracks.

In this conference, we had about 20 diverse and highly professional people share their wisdom, insights and experiences as speakers and roughly 45 total people participated.  Form the very rich discussion, we gleaned the information for how fast people can change, and at what point was the optimal point of leverage and intervention.  It was unanimous – this is all about restorative economics and rebuilding public decency.   You can Download a copy here. Appreciating Society Model